Who Are The Archangels?

This explanation on the archangels was channelled from God on 07/08/2022.

What Are Archangels – Overview

Greetings, greetings, greetings. I am God and I am the most powerful mind of all. There are many, many, many minds who are extraordinarily powerful and these are my archangels.

So, you want to know who are the archangels? Where did they come from? Why are they called angels? We will discuss all 3 questions, but before I begin let me say this – the archangels are the same as any other angel except they are more powerful.

Now what does it mean to be a powerful angel? It means you can influence, it means you can manifest, it means you can bless all of us. God, angels, archangels and all the other divine beings, we work tirelessly to help suffering beings, we work to help those who suffer. Now every single angel has a function and a particular gift, the archangels are the ones with the most powerful gifts, and the most powerful ability to help others.

The Power of the Archangels

So, we will talk a little more. Archangels are in fact more powerful than any other being in existence. I’m telling the truth when I say archangels can heal, can take away, can bless any issues that you have. I’ll say this once more an archangel can bless and purify and heal any of your issues no matter what it is.

How to Invoke the Archangels

So, in order to help you, in order to receive the blessing of an archangel, how do you go about it? It’s a very simple thing, all you need to do is relax and then you wait, you get into a state of relaxation and then you just say, from the very depths of your heart you say “dear Archangel Uriel or Archangel Michael or Archangel Muriel” you pray to the archangel. You say “please help me with this issue, please help me with this problem” and every single time the archangel hears you and will respond.

Ok so now I have said that, I want you to know one more thing – you can receive the most wonderful blessings, the most wonderful energy from any particular angel you wish.

But I would say this: You have to ask very sincerely. If you just make the prayer and you don’t really deeply mean it, it may not happen. Prayers are only proper when they’re made sincerely and with deep compassion, compassion for yourself or for another. You can pray for yourself or others but every time you pray from the heart and you really mean it, it will be answered.

Archangel The Divine Connection

The Archangels Continued

Ok in order to understand what makes angels, we need to explain three things: Blessings, impoverishment and happiness. Now that may sound a little bit strange, but let me expand upon this. Blessings are something that happens when an angel opens their heart to you and makes a wish to help you, the angel doesn’t need to really do much except make a wish, because they are strong. This wish comes in and touches you and will help you in whatever you need and also an angel can actually come to your planet and take a physical body if that’s required. So, what I say is this: Blessings are necessary in order to get your wish, blessings are absolutely necessary.

How Angels Help Us

Ok so what do I mean when I say there are three things: Blessings, impoverishment and happiness? Impoverishment means if you lack something. That is, when you have an angel to help you, impoverishment means not just lacking money, but it means lacking success or love or fun or anything. You can be impoverished in various ways, if you are not impoverished, then you are happy and you need nothing.

But I’ll say this – those who are impoverished, if they pray to an archangel, they will be helped.

The last thing I want to talk about is happiness. Happiness is basically everything that we desire, everyone wants to be happy and when you get happiness you become beautiful.

Good so you now understand a little bit more about what the angels do, how they protect, how they give, how they help and I’ll let you know this: If you believe in a particular angel like Archangel Uriel or Archangel Michael or any other angel, you have probably been blessed by them in the past. So, if you need a blessing in this life, they will be there for you. That is the truth about the archangels, they are here to help and they can help you every single day. Goodbye.

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