Who is the Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel Overview

Hello hello hello, I’m Archangel Ariel. How we all doing today? I am the angel of love and I mean love in the sense of romantic love more than any other type.

Archangel Ariel History

Now who am I? Where have I come from? How can you ask me to help you? I’ll start from the beginning, I was once upon a time born in a very pure land, where everyone was divine. That was where I was born and I never suffered. Many angels have fallen down, have come into the difficulties and challenges of other realms, I’ve never been through that.

I’ve always been pure and I’ve never once in my entire existence wanted to do any harm. That’s who you’re dealing with, I am wonderful in my energy. I am really girly, I’m very girly, I’m a very, very feminine being.

Ariel’s Activity

So, what is Archangel Ariel? The angel of passion. Passion is my special providence, I look after those who live a life of passion, who want to feel passion and those who need passion. That’s where I specialise, so if you need passion in your life whether it’s sexual passion or romantic passion or any other kind of passion, some kind of life enjoyment, then I can help you.

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How Ariel Can Help You

So basically, those who seek some kind of passion in their life, maybe you’re really motivated to follow a certain kind of activity, maybe you’ll feel like I really want to do, let’s say you want to be a dancer, let’s say you really, really want be a dancer but somehow, you’re just not quite motivated. If you’re not feeling the passion, but you know it’s the thing that you want to do with your life, if you need more passion, then you could call upon me.

If I come into your life, I will bless you and how I will bless you is this – I lignite the passion of your inner fire, your inner fire will be ignited and you’ll feel great passion. That’s the first thing I do, the second thing I do is I’ll bless you so that you really start to enjoy everything you do.

So basically, I bring passion. I help those with passion and I deliver those who need more passion, that’s what I do.

Archangel Ariel Meaning

Now I’ll tell you a little bit about what I can do. Ariel means “the angel that brings the truth” that’s what it means. Now I know that sounds funny, but it’s actually something I do, is bring the truth. So the truth means many different things, but basically I bring one particular aspect of truth which is the passion of truth.

Now trust in this – if you have some kind of activity that you really want to succeed in, but you don’t feel quite intensely passionate about it, I can help you with that. Just pray to me “dear Archangel Ariel, please come into my life, ignite my deepest passion, ignite my deepest learning and make me find something that delivers me success and happiness.” That’s what I can do.

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