Who is Archangel Michael?

This message on Archangel Michael was channelled on 07/08/2022.

Archangel Michael Overview

Hello everybody this is the Archangel Michael. So, to begin with let me say this – friendship is my gift to you, to you and you and you and you. I am your friend. Now the other thing I want to say this: I am the greatest being who can protect you against damaging interference, which means ghosts, it means negative energy that wants to do harm. I’m the one who protects against all those things. So, if you need protection, then I am your best friend, that’s my first thing I want to say.

Secondly, I want to say this: I’m not just an angel, I’m more than that, I am an enlightened being. I am completely enlightened, which means there is no trace of discrimination between myself and others. There’s no division between my mind and your mind, it doesn’t mean we’re the same, that’s not what it means, it just means I do not put up a barrier between myself and others.

Archangel Michael’s Purpose

So, let’s continue on our journey of discovery of the Archangel Michael. Who am I? Where have I been? What have I done? First of all, understand this, you are talking to a very enlightened consciousness, perfect divine being that’s who I am and what is my message to you? It is this – forget the past, relax and enjoy your life. I know that sounds like it could be too easy for some, too difficult for others, but it’s not, it’s not if you really truly understand what happiness is. So, let’s continue, I want to say this you need to know this: I am a friend to everyone who is in fear, everyone who is afraid, you can call up on me and I’ll surround you in a bubble of warmth and love which will make you feel completely safe, that is the best thing I can do for you, is give you safety.

Secondly, also this: I don’t just give protection and safety, I can also do other things. For example, I really enjoy working with people who want to create something. For example, let’s say your life isn’t good and you want to change it, you can ask me “Archangel Michael please bless me with this, please bring such-and-such.” If you want a new car or you want to have a new love in your life or you want success in your work, you can pray to me for these things and I’m more than happy to answer and I will answer. The only requirement is this – you must deeply, pray from the heart, you must really, sincerely make a prayer that is not just from your thinking mind, but from the deep part of you, from your deeper, deeper mind – the heart. The heart is the deepest part of you, so pray from the heart to me and I’ll answer you every single time without fail.

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Archangel Michael’s History

So, would you like to know a little bit about me and my story? Once upon a time I was not an enlightened being, I was an unenlightened being, this may sound strange to some, but I’ll put it this way: If you were always enlightened you wouldn’t understand misery, pain and suffering. So, there was a time, a long time ago, when I lost my divine mind for a short time. I lost it and the reason I lost it was so I could understand what others go through, so I could feel the pain and the suffering and the hardship that is involved in living without enlightenment. Was it on this earth? No, it wasn’t, it was in another realm, in another realm, I had to walk through a difficult journey, I had to go through many difficult things and I learnt about strength, I learnt about real protection, because I used other forms of protection. For example, there is a certain divine being whom I knew of, I was connected deeply to this being and I called upon her for protection, because I wasn’t completely impervious to be harmed and as I walked my path as I grew and learnt I was taught everything I needed to know.

Now the point I’m trying to make is this – everyone at some point has to experience what it’s like to be lost, we all have to be lost. If you don’t get lost you don’t understand what it is to be found. So when you get lost it’s not that bad, it can be very bad for a short time, but it doesn’t have to be that bad, basically it’s a path of learning to let go of thinking about only oneself and starting to think about others. That’s basically the essence of the spiritual journey, it’s thinking about others, if you can do this then all the other qualities you need would naturally fall into your lap. But the first and the only important step is open the heart. So, my own journey was difficult, it was very hard, but I started to learn to experience what it is to give to others, I experienced what it is to feel the pain of others, to really want them to be happy and as I did this I certainly delivered myself from ego. I delivered myself from ego, I woke up completely and there was never anything to want. There’s never anything to need, everything I wanted was already present and I became the Archangel Michael and in a sense, you could say I was only not a divine angel for the shortest of times and the time I was left without my happiness was a small time. In a sense, I’ll say this – once you wake up you never let you never let go again, you are always perfect.

Archangel Michael - The Divine Connection

So, now you understand this – every single Archangel at some point has had to experience what it’s like to not be completely enlightened, because we need to go through it, we need to deeply feel the pain and hardship, because only then can we help others and through helping others we ourselves become even more glorious. The more we help the more we shine and my message to you is this: You too can shine, you too can carry a flaming sword which can defeat harm. You can do this too, but it does take dedication, it does take commitment and it does take real genuine open heartedness. Those are the three things I would say that will get you from where you are to complete total awakening, bliss and perfection, that’s the truth.

How To Ask Archangel Michael For Help

Ok, so before I go I say this: If you have a wish, I absolutely can help you with that, you just need to ask me “dearest Archangel Michael please grant me this wish please help me with this” and I will every time and also if you’re feeling a bit of sadness or grief or hardship, you can ask me to help you feel better. I don’t just help with protection against negativity, I help with protecting against suffering, so you can ask me for help and I’ll be there every single day of your life for the rest of your life to protect you.

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