Spiritual Experience Explained

This article on spiritual experience was channelled from God.

Spiritual Experience Overview

Hello hello hello. I’m here to talk about spiritual experience. This is God, this is the Divine consciousness that is latent inside you, I’m also outside of you, I’m inside and outside. I’m many different things and I want you to know these dear ones –  whether you experience something beautiful or whether you experience something ordinary, it is still an experience and there is not a great deal of difference between a spiritual experience and an ordinary experience. However, I will say this much, when you have a real spiritual experience it will change you.

Spiritual Experience Definition

So what is a spiritual experience? A spiritual experience is any kind of experience where you connect with a higher consciousness. If you are connecting with God or an angel or a divine being, you may have a vision, you may see clearly the face of Jesus, you might even feel his presence around you. You might experience something wonderful, all of these things are completely totally achievable for every single person.

Spiritual Experience The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Experience

Types Of Spiritual Experiences

So I hear you ask how can I have a spiritual experience? Well, let me say this: There are five different types of spiritual experience. One of them is an ordinary experience, when you just have a little inkling of something, like a feeling that maybe there is a being of light with you, that is the most mundane experience. There are five types of experience though we’re not going to all of these, I’ll just say there are gradually much more profound experiences until the ultimate experience.

The Ultimate Spiritual Experience

So I hear you ask what is the ultimate experience? The ultimate experience is to see the true nature of your own mind, seeing the true nature of your own mind completely clearly will enable you to let go of all of your boundaries. All of your boundaries you’ll let them go and you’ll be completely at ease. If you have this experience it’ll change you for the rest of all of existence, for the rest of existence you will be a completely different being. However, I would like to say this: That is a very long-term goal, having the most profound spiritual experience is something we should aim towards but for the most part many of us will just have a little bit more temporary experiences than that.

Surrender - The Divine Connection

How To Have A Spiritual Experience

So if you want to have a spiritual experience, I say this: You should definitely, absolutely practice meditation. Whether it’s breathing meditation, whether it’s a heart-opening meditation, or whether it’s any other kind of meditation. I absolutely recommend everyone who wants to enjoy spiritual pleasures, because there are pleasures, if you want to experience the spiritual pleasures you should definitely practice meditation every single day.

What Is Egolessness?

Ok very good there is one more thing I wish to talk about, it is: Let go of your ego. Yes yes yes, do not be afraid to become something different from what you are. I know this may sound a little bit frightening or a little bit upsetting, but it is true that you are a person with an ego and it is completely possible to become a person without any ego. Now I know you would think: How would I exist without an ego? It is not anything like you think, everything flows naturally without an ego, everything is effortless. You don’t need to think about how to behave or how to respond to others instead it naturally flows out of you. Becoming a person with no ego is an incredibly wonderful, great incredible, achievement and I say this: If you really want to become a person who has no ego then meditation is a must.

Ok very good now a little bit more about some of the types of spiritual experience – one type of spiritual experience comes from God, you can definitely receive a spiritual experience from me if you desire it. I want you to make a prayer now, if you wish make a prayer “Dear God please help me to have a spiritual experience, I want to know what it feels like to be blessed” if you make this prayer from the heart then this prayer will be divinely answered completely and totally. However, if you don’t want a spiritual experience then that is ok.

Ok, that is all I love you all I’ll be back again soon with another message. I love you goodbye.

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