An Explanation Of Spiritual Practices

This article was channelled from Jesus.

Spiritual Practices Overview

Hello everybody I am here to talk about spiritual practices. Now there is nothing we need to discuss more than what it is to be a true spiritual practitioner. Spiritual practice means that you are awakening your inner sense of who you really are. There is nothing involved in spiritual practice except love, joy, and opening the heart. There are also other things but these are the most important things. If you are truly involved in spiritual practice you become as divine as any person has ever been. If you are truly committed to the spiritual path your life will change and become absolutely joyful.

Change Your Inner World, Your Outer World Will Change Too

Ok, so there are a few things we need to discuss. First of all let your heart open, open your beautiful hearts, I want you to experience something beautiful. If you truly open your heart then everything you wish for will come to you. There is no great magic secret except this. Ok now there are a few things to talk about, spiritual practice is in fact a changing of the inner world. When you change your inner world then things in the outer world reflect your inner world. So if you truly go deep and bless yourself and transform who you are, then everything you experience, everything you do will be will become blessed.

Spiritual Practices The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Practices

Ok now, what are spiritual practices? There are many different things we can talk about here, but spiritual practice primarily means meditation, not just meditation but all kinds of spiritual change. There are many different things to do when you’re involved in spiritual practice, first of all, you must go deep, you must go deep within yourself and you must find the centre of your being. Ok, that is not true, I was just teasing you, there is no need to go deep within yourself, but what you must actually do is expand your sense of what you are. When you expand your sense of what you are, you become something much more than a small, arrogant, small-minded person. You may think I’m being mean, to you but in fact, we all have these qualities, so I’m not calling you arrogant, I’m not calling you small-minded, but I would like to say this – compared to a fully enlightened person you are small-minded. It is just the way the human mind works. So I say this: When you transform yourself, your mind will become broad, very very broad, your mind will become joyful and you’ll be able to achieve anything you wish.

Spiritual Practices - The Divine Connection

Spiritual Practices And Love

So I’ve made a little joke, I hope you are not offended dear ones, I’m just teasing. I am Jesus the Christ, it is part of who I am to make jokes, I like to make jokes. So I say this I’m just messing with you, don’t take it personally. Now what I’m saying is this: When you are a spiritual practitioner you should always be following the path of love, the path of love is the highest path. If you are committed, if you are truly committed to becoming a truly spiritual person then you should always look for the most loving answer in any situation. You should always try to find the most loving answer.

Finding The Loving Answer

So what does it mean to be loving? It doesn’t always mean being completely kind, it doesn’t always mean being completely placid, it doesn’t always mean being gentle, sometimes being loving can be quite forceful. But I would say 88% to 94% of the time being loving means being gentle, warm, and friendly. However, I would just like to put the little exclusion in that sometimes there are situations that require a little bit more forceful energy.

Spiritual Practices Conclusion

Ok, so that is enough about what it means to be a spiritual practitioner and spiritual practices. If you want one piece of advice I would say this open your heart every single day. You should do a meditation on opening the heart. That is the truth, that is the blessing. Ok I am Jesus the Christ and I leave you with one small thought – how are you coping? How are you delivering your wishes? If you are truly delivering wishes, what I mean is if you are opening the heart and expanding your horizons, everything you wish will come to you. This is the truth.

If you have a prayer, if you have a desire, if you have a longing, if you really really long for something then I say this: Give love. That is the truth, the more you give love the more your wishes will be heard and answered. So that is the truth dear ones, you should always focus upon being the most loving, warm, kind, and friendly person. I am Jesus and I love you goodbye.

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