The Best Manifestation Meditation

This Manifestation Meditation was channelled from Jesus on 23/03/2022.

Greetings dear beings of divine consciousness, this is Jesus the Christ I wish to talk about a manifestation meditation.

Meet Your Manifestation Team

Now what is manifestation and how do we do it? Manifestation is bringing God into your world. So the question is what is the simplest and most effective way to manifest something? Ok let me explain three principal beings; one is Jesus, one is Michael and one is Uriel, we are your manifestation team we will help you with this manifestation.

Manifestation Meditation – Step 1

Ok so let’s begin. The first step is this I want you to visualise your heart is expanding like a ray of light, your heart is expanding like a ray of light, it reaches into God’s Kingdom just feel your heart is reaching into God’s Kingdom. Now envision God’s energy comes through the top of your head and reaches the centre of your mind, feel you drawing in all of God’s blessings.

Good now you feel connected to God, now God can help you to manifest one thing. With this meditation we’re doing a manifestation meditation for one thing, so think of three things you want, think of three things, now focus on the one that means the most you, of those three things what one thing do you want to manifest?

Very good now we’ve chosen what we want to manifest, so this is a three part process. Step one is releasing the negatively that’s the first step.

The second step is you in igniting your own divine being igniting yourself so you can feel the power of God.

The third step is this bringing God’s wish into your being and creating,  that is the process which is a three step process.

Manifestation Meditation The Divine Connection

Manifestation Meditation Continued.

Step 1: Releasing Negativity

Ok so let’s begin the manifestation meditation, the first step is this; releasing something that does not serve. So what I want you to think of is in your past experience when you try to manifest something, when you wish for something it doesn’t work. Why doesn’t it work this is because you have an impairment, it is an energy which is preventing you from creating something you want.

So we want you to visualise this energy which is preventing you from having what you want, visualise as like a dark ball of light and it may be in your third eye or it may be in your heart, just feel like something inside you’re being. Now you have felt it now want you to imagine God’s light comes down through the top of your head, you can see gods light is like a beautiful golden hook. It’s a beautiful golden hook and it comes down to your mind and it latches onto the negativity, see the negativity is unable to escape it, it latches on in a way that is unimaginably powerful.

Now feel God’s light draws the negativity way up into the light, now it’s purified, it’s released, it’s gone, it’s gone it’s gone. Now you’re free, do you feel better?

Step 2: Igniting Your Own Divine Being

Ok now the second step the second step is this feeling you are inhibited by nothing, feeling you are inhibited by nothing, so this step is very simple meditate on this: You are the divine, just meditate on that for 5 minutes, for 5 minutes and then we’ll come back.

Step 3: Bringing God’s Wish Into Your Being

Ok now onto the final step. The final step is this: Releasing God’s wish into your heart. So what I want to do is feel your heart is a stairway, this stairway goes from the centre of your heart up into God’s mind. Imagine this stairway is unimaginably powerful and nothing can interfere with it. So see you have this golden staircase of light which goes from your heart into the heart of God. Now relax, relax for a few minutes, then we’ll be in the manifestation. Open your heart to God and say ‘God please give me this wish.’ Whatever the wish is, ask from the heart, feel your genuinely asking God himself for this wish.

Good now feel God says this: “I accept your wish dear being of divine light, I will grant you your one wish right now and it will happen soon.” Feel the truth of Gods words as his mind connects with your mind.

Now envision God sends your wish as a picture, it’s a picture it’s a three-dimensional encompassing picture of the wish you have and see this wish it travels down the staircase of light and it goes into your heart. Now the energy of the wish becomes one with you, you are one with God one with the divine, one with me Jesus one with all this, just feel this oneness for a few minutes.

Ok now all you need to do is say ‘I accept this wish and I’m devoted’ say that 3 times.

Manifestation Meditation Conculsion

Ok now your wish will appear. It might take 3 weeks or it might take 7 weeks, in any case your which will appear within the next 3 years. I know that sounds like a long time but for some it will be sooner, for some it will be 3 years. But I say this I’m just teasing, you it’s not going to take 3 years it’ll take at the most 5 months.

Ok now we’re done, I love you, I hope you enjoy this manifestation meditation I’ll see you soon.

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