How to Manifest Your Wishes

This Manifestation Meditation was channelled from God on 06/01/2022.

Expanding Our Definition Of Manifestation

Greetings greeting greetings what I want to talk about is how to manifest. What is manifestation? Well let me say this – some of you think you know what it means to manifest, manifestation is not just creating a desire, it can be creating a desire, it can be making something you’ve wished for appear in physical reality. That is one side manifestation but there is a lot more to manifest then just physical wishes.

Good so now we begin to understand manifestation is a very broad and very deep topic there is a lot that can be talked about.

A Simple Manifestation Process – Step 1

So how do you manifest? Ok what I want to talk about is this one primary way to manifest, it is a simple process. How do you do it? Ok what you need is a pen and paper, you need a pen and paper and you think of one to three things that you desire, you think of these three things and you write them down and as you write them down you experience a feeling that this is a possibility for you.

Simple Manifestation -Step 2

Ok so once you’ve written the three things down then I want you to make a picture, make a picture. How do you do this? It’s easy just go on to Google and find a picture of the thing you’re trying to create it doesn’t have to be a perfect representation.

Ok now you create what is called a manifestation poster, you put the name of the thing you want and you put a picture near it and you must have a sense that this is really something that you can achieve.

Manifest The Divine Connection

Manifest Your Wishes Continued

Ok so the process is this: After you’ve written down the three things you want and you’ve made a poster that represents some kind of picture of what you want, then every single day you take a few minutes you sit down and you begin to relax, you relax you relax deeply you breathe in and out breathe in and out breathe in and out once you felt a sense of relaxation and peace and you’re in a kind of undisturbed state of mind, that is important your mind must be undisturbed, so don’t do this if you’re feeling upset or anxious.

Simple Manifestation Step 3 – Invoke Your Higher Self

Ok from this clear state you begin to say 3 times “I accept my higher self I accept my higher self” then after you’ve said that you begin to visualise one of your manifestations. You visualise it as clearly as you can and once you visualise it then you have a sense not only of the thing existing but a sense of you accomplishing that thing, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, you really feel it, you feel it you must feel it as if it’s already happened.

Ok so you do that for your three wishes you visualise them as clearly as you can, you feel that they truly exist already and then you feel a sense of having accomplished that wish.

Simple Manifestation Step 4 – Calling Upon A Higher Power 

Ok that is one step, then the next step is this you call upon a higher power, you call upon Jesus or an angel or a star being or whoever you feel is one of your highest guides. You must call upon a guide who is already accomplished, a guide who is not like an ordinary being, they must be high vibrational, they must be accomplished and in a state of spiritual divine consciousness.

You call upon this particular guide and you ask him to help you manifest, you say three times  “please let me, please help me to accomplish these wishes” you say that 3 times.

Ok then you conclude by saying “may this manifestation happen in the most perfect way” you say that 3 times.

Ok so that is one way to manifest, there is more than one way to manifest, there are several ways to manifest what I say is this, manifestation is a process that can take up to 6 weeks, up to 12 weeks up to 52 weeks, not just a one week process.

Be Patient

So that is all I say, now this is a simple meditation on manifestation. It does take time so don’t expect your wishes to appear within 3 weeks, that will not happen it’s more likely that it’s going to take at least 3 to 5 years, so yes that may sound like a long time but the question is this if you really want your wish, if you really want it then stick with this.

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this simple way to manifest this simple process to manifest we will discuss more in the future, I love you for now I am complete.

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