How To Use The Law Of Attraction

This message on the Law of Attraction was channelled from God on 07/02/2022.

Law of Attraction – The Basics

What is the law of attraction? There are several laws in the universe, but one of these laws is a law that what you give out is what comes back to you.

The law of attraction is a true, wonderful, amazing, energy interaction. The law of attraction doesn’t just mean what you think about comes you, there are many aspects to this law, but the primary aspect of the law of attraction is this what you feel inside you, what you really sincerely believe and hold dear in your heart, those things will be manifested in your outer world. So the law of attraction doesn’t just mean thinking about one thing and that thing manifesting your Universe, the law of attraction is more about your inner world.

Law of Attraction – Inner and Outer Are Inseperable

So what I’m saying is this – if you have a certain belief system that is deeply held, like God is true or angels are real or my heart is the most precious thing I have, if you have a view like this then the outer world will reflect back to these views. So the question is this – does that mean there is an external fixed reality or does that mean reality is like a reflection of your own mental state or your own consciousness?

Well both things can be said to be true, there is an external Universe, there are external realms, external places that exist and these places will exist as they do regardless of what your believe. So that is one level, but on another level there is also the truth that what you believe in is what you see, so for those who believe in God or those who believe in any particular angel or any particular ascended master, if you believe in that particular being that particular being will connect with you, will manifest for you, will prove themselves to be real.

The Law of Attraction The Divine Connection

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So in essence this means several things, it means there is an element of you in the external world what you see outwardly is also what exist inwardly, both things are connected, your inner world and your outer world they’re connected very deeply, very deeply. So what you truly, sincerely believe in your heart, in your mind, in your being those things will appear externally as well.

However this is not to say if you believe in God or Angels or Jesus or a Buddha or a particular ascended master, this is not to see not to say those beings aren’t real, they are real it’s just that you will not experience them, you will not connect with them, you will not hear them, unless you have a belief system that that believes they are real.

So in essence the law of attraction means that what you think about, what you believe, is what you’ll see in the outer world, it means your inner world and your outer world are deeply deeply deeply connected. However, there is another element to the law of attraction, the law of attraction can be used to manifest.

Law of Attraction - The Divine Connection

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest

So the question is how do I use the law of attraction to manifest my deepest desires? It’s easy you must first of all believe in your heart that the manifestation will appear, you must believe with your whole being that it will really happen. Example – if you want to meet the love of your life, if you want to meet the perfect person who fits you perfectly, suitably and compassionately and who makes you completely happy, you must first believe in your heart and in your consciousness that this will absolutely 100% happen. You must believe this, that is how the law of attraction works, if you do not believe the thing with your whole being, with your whole heart, if you do not believe with your whole mind then it may not appear exactly as you wish.

Law of Attraction – Manifesting With Mantras

So if you wish to use the law of attraction to manifest something you must repeat a mantra, you must repeat the mantra over and over until you believe that mantra completely. For example “I will meet my soulmate”, example “I will fall in love”, example “I will be happier than I’ve ever been.” Now you must repeat this matra so deeply and so powerfully that you completely 100% accept it, that it completely becomes your truth, if the belief becomes your truth then you’ll get to see the results.

The essence of this practice is repeating something in such a way that it completely absorbs into your consciousness, it absorbs and it becomes one with you, that is how you use the law of attraction.

Other Ways To Manifest With the Law of Attraction

Now of course there are several different ways you can do this, mantra is one way, there are other ways, for example meditation on something, meditating on something appearing until you completely accept this thing is real. Meditation is one way there are several other ways to do it, example you could write a manifestation journal, you could start to journal your beliefs and everyday you could read them and believe them and absorb them into your mind you could do this.

I’m not going to go into all the ways to use the law of attraction, but it can be used to manifest something. Ok so that was a little guide on the law of attraction, it is a real phenomenon, it is a true phenomenon, it means what you believe in your inner world is what you seen your outer world. It means if you look for the good in others, you see the good in others, if you look for the bad things, you see the bad things that is how it works.

Law of Attraction – Relying on A Higher Power

Ok so I love you all, this is been a message from God, who I call myself the divine consciousness. I am the biggest and the most important force in all of existence and I can manifest for you. You don’t have to do it all on your own, you can ask for help, you can pray to me, you can say “God please manifest my wish.” If you hand over your wish to me, it will be much easier because you don’t have to completely 100% create, you can instead allow me to create. And that is all for now, goodbye.

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