Manifesting Love: A Guide

This guide on Manifesting Love was channelled from God on 10/02/2022.

The Simplicity of Manifesting Love

Hello everybody, how to manifest love? Manifesting love is an easy thing to do, there are several techniques we could learn, there are several techniques we could explore that allow you to manifest something you have wanted for your entire life. So the question is this how do I manifest a love that is happy, pleasant, respectful and gives me the sense of happiness that I’m looking for?

How to manifest love? Manifesting love is not as difficult as it sounds, some people think that finding someone who aligns with them, someone who communicates well, someone who express themselves, some of us think this is very very very difficult to find. But I say this to you – it’s not as difficult as you think,  the thing you need to realise is this – manifesting love is not a hard thing to do, manifesting love is actually quite effortless.

Are You Ready To Really Manifest Love?

So the question is this – if I use a process of manifestation and I draw someone into my life and that person completes me, that person completes me, is that the highest outcome? I say this to you: There are several reasons why looking for someone to complete you is not really the best outcome, it’s not really a best solution. Essentially what I’m saying is this, if you need someone to complete, if you need someone to complete you, you’re going about it the wrong way. The important thing to realise is you need to become the person you want to be, you need to be the person who is already complete, then the other that comes to you will be a reflection of your completion.

So what I’m saying is this – if you’re in a state of mind where you think I want someone to complete me, I don’t feel fulfilled, I don’t feel happy, I’m not happy with who I am and what I’m doing then I say this to you: You are not in the right frame of mind to manifest love. Manifesting love would be possible, but it wouldn’t be the ultimate kind of happiness that you’re looking, for it would be something very temporary and it would be something that was bound to fall apart.

So if you are one of these people who thinks you need someone to complete you, let me just make something clear, you need to complete yourself. That is how it works, first you complete yourself, then the perfect person will come to you, but you must do the work first.

Manifesting Love The Divine Connection

Manifesting Love Continued

Wanting Love vs Needing Love

So if you’re someone who thinks I’m happy with myself, I don’t need anything, I don’t need anything, but it would be nice, it would be nice to have someone who considers what I like, someone who considers who I am, someone who takes me into account, someone who approaches me with love, someone who is compassionate and fun and enjoyable to be with. If you think this kind of thing would bring you more happiness in your life, then I say this you are already in the process of manifestation.

Now the important thing to realise is this, manifestation is not just a spiritual activity, it’s something people do all the time. So the question is this: How can you consciously choose to manifest? The important thing to do is to pray, if you want someone who matches you, who meets you, who satisfies you, who completes you, not really completes in the sense that you’re lacking anything, but completes in the sense that they bring you complete happiness in your life and make your life more fulfilled, if you want someone like this, there are several ways to go about creating your wish.

Easily Manifest Your Dream Partner Through Prayer

One of the most important things to do is to pray, prayer is very important. You can pray to any particular enlightened entity that you feel aligned with, you can pray to me, God, or you can pray to a Buddha or you can pray to someone like Archangel Uriel, you can pray to anyone to bring the person into your life who matches you.

So that is how you do it, you first become the happy empowered, completed person, you do that first, you don’t look for someone else to bring you something externally that you don’t already have inside you. When you are happy, when you are fulfilled, when you’re enjoying your own consciousness, enjoying your own being, when you’re enjoying yourself and you’re happy with who you are, that is when the other person comes to you.

So in essence I’m saying this – those that are looking for someone to complete them they may get something, they may get something, but it is not destined to be everything you want, it’s not destined to make you completely happy because you need to do work on yourself, you need to become the person you want to be, transform yourself, meditate, open the heart, do visualisations, do mantras, do practice and change your mind, change your heart, change who you are and become the person you want to be.

When you are happy with yourself, when you are ready, when you are open and loving and compassionate, then you’ll find someone who is perfect for you, absolutely perfect. Exactly the kind of person you want, they may have special characteristics, they may have a very beautiful heart, they may be the most fun person you’ve ever met, they make you feel happy but you won’t be reliant on that person you won’t be needy.

Manifesting Out Of Need Is Not Ideal

So that is the key, if you are needing something, if you need something and you need someone to make you happy, it’s setting yourself up for failure because that kind of dynamic cannot bring lasting happiness, it just can’t.

Do The Work On Yourself And You Will Get What You Want

So in essence my message is this – work on yourself, change yourself, meditate, do practices, do prayers, transform your being, transform who you are and become a happy, empowered person and then from that place you can manifest the person you have always wanted. You can manifest the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing person you could ever imagine.

So if you want a meditation to manifest a perfect soulmate or a perfect friend or a perfect fling, you may even want that, some people just want a fling, you can manifest anything you want, it’s as simple as opening your heart and feeling connected to your particular guide, feel connected and then just make a prayer “guide please bring me this particular outcome, please bring me this particular kind of person, please bring me this kind of relationship” just pray for what you want.

When you’re ready the prayer will appear, when you’re ready the manifestation will happen, then you will be truly manifesting love.

Thank you.

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