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This article was channelled from Jesus.

Overview Of Spiritual But Not Religious

Greetings everybody today I’m going to talk to you about the phrase “spiritual but not religious.” There is a very wide movement going on right now amongst people who are interested in spiritual affairs, who have an interest in spiritual matters, these people think that being spiritual but throwing out all religion is in fact the highest path. I need to tell you this – every single spiritual tradition has a lot of blessings, there are many spiritual traditions that have helped people throughout the ages to attain complete Enlightenment. I’m not just talking about one spiritual tradition, I’m not just talking about one religious tradition, I’m talking about all kinds of traditions.

Spirituality Or Religion?

So what I’m saying is this: it is no higher to be spiritual than it is to be religious. At the same time, it is not any higher to be religious than it is to be a spiritual person. There are all kinds of ways to reach complete enlightenment. Do not think that your path is the highest path. Do not discard others’ paths, do not malign others’ paths, do not say that you’re path is the only way.

I tell you this: You should respect all religious traditions and you should respect all spiritual people or people who are on the spiritual path. They are your brothers and sisters, do not say I’m better than you my way is better than yours.

Spiritual But Not Religious - The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual But Not Religious

Ok so now a little bit more about this thinking, a little more about this teaching that says being spiritual is more enlightened than being religious. For those of you who think my path is the highest path, for those of you think because I’m spiritual and I throw out and discard all religious teachings I am savvier, I’m more brilliant, I am more clever. You are not more clever. Now you may think I’m being mean here, you may think I’m being a little bit unkind, but if you think that being spiritual and not being religious is somehow better you are misguided.

How Are Spirituality And Religion Connected?

Ok now I’ve said enough about this I want to talk about something else: Why is it the people think that spirituality is somehow no longer connected to religion? Why do these “spiritual but not religious” people think this? Throughout the ages there have been teachings, these teachings have been sewn in many different paths, different angelic and spiritual guides have come to Earth in many different guises and have taught many different paths. These paths were taught as a way to help all of those who had different inclinations to become more blessed. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of paths to become blessed and to become more loving.

There Is Merit In All Spiritual Paths

So I tell you this: All of the spiritual traditions, have some merit, do not think that because teaching is part of the organised religion it has no merit. It is true that there are some teachings amongst the organised religions that are a little bit dogmatic, a little bit close-minded. In fact, my own spiritual teachings which follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, my own spiritual teachings have become I would say, governed by some ideas that I did not promote. So do not think that all religious teachings are in fact completely true, there are many teachings amongst organised religions that are false, that are not true. However I would also like to say there is a great deal of wealth, there is a lot of beautiful blessings amongst many different spiritual and religious traditions.

Surrender - The Divine Connection

Denigrating Others Paths Is Harmful To Your Mind

What I’m saying is this: All religious traditions and all spiritual traditions are part of great wonder, part of great wonder, it is all part of a process of growing bigger and stronger and more enlightened. So I tell you this you should never ever denigrate another spiritual tradition, you should never denigrate another’s religion. If you denigrate another’s religion you’re in fact debasing yourself, yes you are you are making yourself more small-minded. “I’m superior to others and they are inferior because they are following these teachings like as if they’re sheep” that just makes you more egotistical.

Real Spiritual Transformation Is About Loving Others

If you are following a religious path in order to become somehow more profound and more blessed and to put others down as a way of becoming better than others if you follow teachings as a way to become better than others you were in fact following a wrong path. The only true teachings are the teachings that give blessings and which help you to become more joyful and happier and to become more inclusive. If you’re following true religious teaching or if you’re following true spiritual teaching there is one way to tell if it is correct – does it make your heart more open? Are you opening more to others, are you finding your sameness with others? If you are differentiating yourself from others then you are following false teaching. Yes, yes this is the truth that is how you can tell if the teachings you are being given are in fact correct.

Spiritual But Not Religious Conculsion

Ok, I have said enough about this “spiritual but not religious”, it is a misguided notion. It’s a misguided notion, there is nothing wrong with being spiritual and not following a religious path, there is nothing wrong with that. But what is wrong is when you put others down and when you say my path is the only path and your path is utter nonsense. If you say these things you are not a true spiritual practitioner. I have been Jesus and I’ll be back again soon with another message, goodbye.

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