Who Is The Archangel Raziel?

This article from Archangel Raziel was channelled on 14/09/2022.

Hello all is well. I am the Archangel Raziel.

Archangel Raziel and Power

Now the thing you must understand about me is I am the Archangel of power and power is not necessarily about winning.

Basically, power is something that needs to be understood, when you understand power then you understand what it means to be happy. Basically, those who are genuinely, truly, powerful, they have very few problems.

Archangel Raziel, Archangel of Death

So, to say I’m the archangel of power is not the full picture, I’m also Archangel Raziel, the archangel of death. Now what does that mean? It means multiple things. Some people say that when you die, I’m the archangel, the shepherd that guides you into the light, that is not always true, but it sometimes is true.

Now being the archangel of death doesn’t mean I am the one responsible for anyone’s death, not in any way, it means I’m a guardian, I’m a protector.

What Happens When We Die?

Basically, at the time of death, depending on how you live your life, different people will have different experiences. Some people will see a bright, beautiful, wonderful, glowing light, which will surround them and then they’ll be purified, healed and blessed. That’s what happens for most of us. In other cases, sometimes people don’t completely see the light, they may not really know it’s there and then those people may go in a different direction.

Archangel Raziel - The Divine Connection

The Kind Have Beautiful Deaths

There are at least three different choices that need to be made at the time of death. The most loving, kind, generous people will automatically, effortlessly go into the highest realms and there they’ll be greeted by all kinds of beautiful, wonderful angels, ascended masters and teachers and all kinds of divine beings. That’s what happens for the most beautiful people.

Archangel Raziel Guides The Less Virtuous

But those who live a life of selfishness or let’s say those who have done some negative deeds, but nothing too serious, these people will usually see the light and then I’ll come for these people. They need someone to guide them, so that’s where I, Archangel Raziel come in. I guide these people and I take them and I say “you lived the life of goodness, you’ve been a good person” and I say “you’re now going to be taken to a higher place.” Then this person will go to somewhere which I could say is a more pleasant place, a nicer, better place, not as difficult as this planet. That’s what happens for many people.

Helping The Non Virtuous At The Time Of Death

Finally, there are those a very small amount of people who spend their lives hating, destroying, attacking, harming. For these people even though it’s not true that no one cares about them, we do care about them, but these people, let’s say they haven’t created enough positive energy. Because they haven’t created positive energy, it’s not really possible for them to go to the light. In this case I may appear before some of them, if I do appear I’ll tell them “you’ve made a mistake, you lived a life of harm, you’ve destroyed others, you’ve taken from them.” I’ll say to them “if you want to be happy, you need to repent, you need to really repent” and I’ll give these people the choice – do you want to repent or do you want to flee? Some of them will repent, sincerely, deeply, repent and they will cry, they will wail, they will literally cry their eyes out. This is because they will realise how much death and harm and evil they’ve done. For those people they may go somewhere better, there is still that option, that choice is available.

Archangel Raziel - The Divine Connection

However, those who do not wish to repent, then there is no option but for them to be lost. They are lost now, where they go, it depends on the person. But generally, they go to lower realms, which are less pleasant, less nice, less vibrant places of not very nice enjoyment. Places of let’s say suffering. Places of suffering, those are the ones who are not willing to change.

Dont Worry, You Will Be Fine

But basically, anyone who’s reading this will not be one of those people. Those people are very, very, very, few, very few.

Archangel Raziel’s Power Purifies

So, to understand me is to understand death and not just death, but power. Power is how I help people, because I’m so powerful I have the ability to make people transmute their anger and their hatred at the time of death. There is an opportunity to transmute everything.

And that is what real power is, it’s giving freedom, it’s giving happiness. Real power means you can help another, even if they’re really, really lost.

That’s what I do, I help everyone at the time of death. There is no one who will not hear me or see me and take heart in the fact that you are a good person. You don’t have to face you’re horrible deeds, you’re not one of them, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.

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