Who Is The Archangel Muriel?

This article on Archangel Muriel was channelled on 13/09/2022.

Archangel Muriel Overview

Hello this is Archangel Muriel. I am a very powerful, enlightened, conscious, divine, special being.

So who is the Archangel Muriel and why do I appear to certain people at certain times? The real thing we must understand is Archangel Muriel is a special energy and a special love. I’m here to help many different people, but especially those who are really concerned with love and those who are concerned with success. Now I know that’s not what you thought, you thought I was going to say ‘I am the angel of the garden of Earth.’ That’s also true, I am the angel of the garden of Earth, but it’s not all I do.

Archangel Muriel – Helping The Helpers

So basically, if you’re someone who is trying to be a good person in that you’re trying to help others, you’re trying to satisfy others needs and help them attain their goals, then you can call upon me. I am especially concerned with helping people who wish to give and help others. That’s one thing, the second thing is this if you need help with something like, you’re trying to achieve a goal, or you’re not quite getting the outcome you’re trying to achieve, you can call up on me and I’ll help you.

Who Does Archangel Muriel Help?

So basically, I can sum myself, Archangel Muriel, up in this sentence: I give to those who care, I give to those who love and I give to those who succeed, in that they wish, they try and they get what they want.

Connecting with Guardian Angels - The Divine Connection

Now I just want to tell you a little bit of a tale of when I was once a little girl. I was once a little girl and this is in a different kind of environment to that which I exist in now. I was a little girl not on planet Earth but in another realm, where people were generally beautiful, loving, generous people. I was born in that kind of realm. This was a life where I learnt a lot and I grew up tending to a particular kind of forest. I was the guardian of the forest and I loved the animals and the trees and the plants. It was the most beautiful place, you would not believe how beautiful this place was. That’s basically what I see when I see your planet, I see a beautiful place and I see the most beautiful creatures. I, Archangel Muriel, am a very beautiful hearted being and I especially love the natural world.

Archangel Muriel And Nature

So, when I tell you this, I want you to know this – your planet is a beautiful garden, it’s just that perhaps you’re not seeing it as clearly as you should. When you see clearly, you realise you live in a paradise, a beautiful paradise.

I am especially concerned with mother nature, but that doesn’t mean I only care about the animals and not about the humans. I care as much about the humans as anything else, but I will especially help people who are concerned with the environment.

How Can Archangel Muriel Help Me?

Basically, you need to understand this – if you need assistance with giving to another, with helping another, if you need assistance with transformation and opening your heart, if you need assistance with success in any particular endeavour, you can ask me and I’ll guide you, I’ll protect you and I’ll help you.

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