Who is the Archangel Chamuel?

This article on Archangel Chamuel was channelled on 06/09/2022.

Who Is the Archangel Chamuel?

Hello everybody I am Archangel Chamuel. I love you all and I am the most loving angel, in fact quite astoundingly loving. So basically, you could say I’m the Archangel of Love.

What Real Love Is

So, a little about what I mean by love. Love is something that sometimes we understand, but often we don’t. Basically, love is more than just wanting yourself to be happy or feeling affection for another, love is actually a whole other consciousness.

Now what I’m saying is this – the human mind as it is normally understood is not really, truly, loving because genuine real love can’t be understood by an egotistical mind. Now you may argue with me and say “that’s not true I love my mother, I love my family, I have friends I love” that could be true, that could be true. But I’ll say this – when you really love, it’s a whole different experience.

What Is True Love

Now let me just explain what I mean – if you think you love someone and yet sometimes you don’t like them or sometimes, they upset you, yes, it’s love, I’m not going to say you don’t love them, that would be unkind to say that, but it’s not real, true love. True love is so deep and so powerful that you could never do the wrong thing, you could never. That is the love that I, Archangel Chamuel represent.

So, in order to understand what true love is, you need to understand interconnectedness. Basically, for the people who stand on their own two feet, for the people who walk a path of joy, love is an income to them.

Now when I say income, I mean that love comes and will find these people. The people who genuinely, truly wish to be happy will find real, true love.

How To Find True Love?

So, I’m saying this much – if you want to know what real true love is, then practice a meditation on compassion. Practice a meditation on putting yourself in another shoes, because only by truly, totally 100% feeling what another is going through and understanding how it impacts them, can you really love.

Archangel Chamuel - The Divine Connection

Now I’ll just say this – when I say you don’t know what real love is, I’m kind of just provoking you a little, it’s not actually true, you do know what love is. But what I’m basically saying is there is a whole other type of love which a normal human mind is not capable of feeling. This type of love is so deep and powerful you have no option but to abide by it.

Surrender Is Love

So that means this if you surrender to genuine, true love, you will no longer just do what you choose to do, instead you will do whatever is best for others. That’s what real love is – when you no longer have a singular, selfish wish.

Now that may sound frightening to some and I can understand why, you’d be frightened because if you do this, if you surrender to such a deep, powerful love, you might put yourself in some situations or some places that you wouldn’t want to go in. But I say this – those who love like this, those who surrender so deeply, they always get protection, they always get blessings.

So real love my friends is more than just wanting another to be happy, it’s so deeply wishing for the happiness that you would do anything to achieve it. That’s what real love is.

I am Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Love and you my friends are loving, kind, warm people and if I’ve made you feel like you’re not loving or kind I apologise. You are, I’m just giving you a different perspective.

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