Who Is The Archangel Gabriel?

This article on Archangel Gabriel was channelled on 12/09/2022.

Archangel Gabriel Overview

Hello this is Archangel Gabriel. Today we’re going to talk about my special blessings and the way I manifest myself, or how I can come through into your life.

Archangel Gabriel – The Angel Of Communication

I am Archangel Gabriel and I specialise in communication and all activities to do with speaking writing or transmitting of ideas. I specialise in all forms of communication.

Let’s talk a little bit about what communication is and how you need help with it, or whether you need help with it. Basically, communication is not just ideas being transmitted between two people, communication is feeling the thoughts of another, or understanding the perceptions of another. These things happen all the time, speech is not the only form of communication, there are many other forms such as the way we look at people, the way we respond to people, the kind of feelings that we create in others. These are all forms of communication.

Archangel Gabrielle - The Divine Connection

So how can I help you? Basically, if you are someone whose communication is not becoming apparent to another, you’re trying to get something across but they’re not understanding you, you could call upon me and it’s not just for speaking to another or trying to get another to see your point of view, it’s also about your throat chakra.

Archangel Gabriel And The Throat Chakra

So, if you have problem with your throat chakra, for example when you try to say something you can’t get the words out, or when you try to make yourself understood by another, they just don’t hear properly, these could be problems with the throat chakra.

So basically, when you need my help it comes to you in a certain way, it comes in a way like maybe you’re just trying to say something and then you think of me and then suddenly you speak something entirely different. Something completely out of the blue comes into your mind and you speak it and suddenly the other person understands you.

I help with those who need help, I help with those who are helpless. Now helpless doesn’t mean you’re in a state of despair, it just means you’re not able to do something on your own.

To understand me is to understand blessings and to understand magic, because I am magical, I am incredibly magical.

What Does Archangel Gabriel Do?

Essentially, Gabriel is the angel of communication, the angel of money and the angel of joy, because I help with all these three things.

So basically, when it comes to understanding me, you must understand this – I have been a very clear minded being and because I’m so clear I’m able to perceive what others need and help them to receive what they need. My activity is not just about talking and speaking, but it’s also about success, I help people to become more successful.

Archangel Gabriel - The Divine Connection

Now basically those who need the help of Archangel Gabriel are people who are trying to achieve something, but for some reason they’re not able to get others to go along with them, they can’t get people on their side or make people do what they want. Now this is not about being aggressive or intimidating, it’s more about getting people to see your way and understand what you’re about.

How To Call Upon Archangel Gabriel

So, for those who struggle with these kinds of issues, I could be called upon you could ask me “dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me clearly explain myself to this person, please help this person understand my point of view.” In these instances, I will come through and I’ll help you to change the way you’re interacting and change the way you’re communicating to such a degree that the other person will have a shift, they’ll have a slightly different kind of perspective.

So, in order to understand my activation, my power, my sense, my joy, you must understand this -Archangel Gabriel is a pure hearted energy.

Now before I go, I’ll just say this – I can help you if you’re having money issues, I can help you if your having relationship problems and I can help you if you’re having some kind of problem with the way you talk. I can especially help these three things.

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