What Manifests for Seekers?

This message was channelled from Jesus on 31/01/2022.

What is Happening When We Manifest?

Hello hello hello. What does it mean to have something that manifests? When something manifests it is a change in the way your energy has worked, when something manifest it’s not the same as if you’ve just manifested something from nowhere it hasn’t come from nowhere. In fact what is happened is that it’s come from a very beautiful wonderful being and it’s been created through various inputs. So what does that mean? It means it when something manifests it doesn’t come out of thin air in fact it is like a concoction of different energies coming together.

Inner and Outer Are Related

So when something manifests it is like a complete change in the way your energy system works. Why do I say this? Because something manifesting means that your own energy has reflected the inward and the outward manifestation. So if something manifest it means that not only has it happened in the external world but also in your inner energy field, you have become a different person, a different kind of person.

Good, so you get a basic understanding of how manifestation is intertwined, it’s not just external and it’s not just internal, it is both internal and external.

Unintened Manifestation

Now the question is this – what happens if something manifests in the outer world that I did not wish for? It’s completely possible that something manifested that you didn’t even choose, because you are manifesting in various different ways at various different degrees all of the time. We don’t think we are manifesting but in fact we are complete and total manifestations and manifesters in everything that happens to us from the smallest incident to the biggest wonderful joy. Everything that happens to us is a kind of manifestation, so now you know that everything is a kind of manifestation it’s just a question of can you control the process.

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More About What Manifests For Us

So my message is this: Manifestation is not that easy, it’s really not easy, it’s something that takes a lot of dedication, if you want something to manifest that you haven’t achieved before it could be done, it could be done but the real issue is what will it bring you?

Now I say this to you: You could achieve something you’ve always wanted, whether it’s like a dream, a dream come true, some people get their dreams come true, some people get all of their dreams come true. But my point is this – even if that manifests it won’t bring you complete happiness. Why won’t it bring a complete happiness? Because nothing lasts forever, inevitably something will change even if you achieve your dreams every single one of them, then what, then what?

Manifesting Inwardly As Well As Outwardly

Ok so you understand what I’m talking about, when something manifest it can be a wonderful thing it can be a joyful, thing it can be a very positive thing, but you need to go even deeper you need to change what is manifesting in your inner world.

So if you do the true work, if you do the dedication and you completely commit yourself to being a different person, if you change your inner world and your outer world then you’ll have the real manifestation.

Manifesting Inner Happiness

So what is the real manifestation? It is a happiness that does not rely on causes and conditions, that is what you should really manifest, I’m not saying there is no use in manifesting a beautiful lover or a perfect car or the job of your dreams, there is use in manifesting these things of course, they have value, but they will not bring forever happiness, forever happiness comes from changing your spiritual consciousness.

Ok so now you understand that it’s completely possible how something manifests in your world, however, it is not the be all and end all. Manifestation is a very enlightened process, it’s a very enlightened process, not everyone can do it, some people can do a little bit of manifestation, some people can do big manifestations, but my point is this – you should aim for the ultimate goal: Complete spiritual accomplishment. Thank you.

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