Geniune Spiritual Manifestation

This meditation on spiritual manifestation was channelled from Jesus on 30/06/2022.

What is Spiritual Manifestation?

Hello everyone. What is spiritual manifestation? Basically spiritual manifestation is when something happens that would not have otherwise happened, something has happened that has been created by a divine consciousness.

Now the process of spiritual manifestation is not actually as straightforward as often it is taught. Manifestation is not just simply thinking about something or trying to create something with your thoughts, manifestation is basically using the enlightened mind to create something. Now the question arises am I enlightened? If I’m not enlightened can I still create something? What we are talking about is not you yourself creating, but someone else doing the creation on your behalf.

Manifestation Meaning

Now let’s go a little bit deeper on spiritual manifestation and what it means. Manifestation is when something has been transformed in a very powerful way. For example maybe you’ve always waited your entire life to meet the most beautiful woman, let’s say that’s your dream to meet the most beautiful woman and let’s say one day you’ll see a really beautiful woman and you think ‘wow I manifested something.’ Maybe you did, but then the next part of the process is what happens after that? If this woman becomes your long-term girlfriend, wife or your lover then it could be said that something was manifested. But often what happens is you meet the girl of your dreams and then she talks to you and then she walks away, that could be not proper creation.

So basically what I’m saying is this – if you try to do it yourself the results might not be so great, you may actually create something that wasn’t quite everything you wanted. You won’t get the results you want unless you are the most clear minded, perfect, divine blessed person. It’s very unlikely you can create your own destiny automatically or consciously, you can’t do that, it’s just not really likely for you to do so.

Manifesting With the Divine

So if you really want to manifest, if you have a wish or a lifelong dream or something you want really really strongly, let’s say you want to find a happy life somewhere in the mountains, let’s say that’s your dream and you don’t have the money and you don’t have a good job. So how are you going to get that? Now the thing you do is instead of trying to think ‘I’ll create this job, I’ll create this money’ or ‘create this kind of partner’ to meet me and live with me, you don’t have to do it all yourself, you don’t have to create the details, you just have to know what the outcome is.

So how we would go about this is you would basically connect with an enlightened mind, connect with an enlightened being and ask them to manifest your dream for you and it could happen in a year or it could happen in 2 years. But basically you don’t have to take care of the details you just have to be there and show up and do the right meditation.

Now the next thing I want to talk about is this what happens when you use an enlightened mind to create. Basically you’re using a perfected mind, a totally perfected mind that has no negativity and no selfishness. It’s a completely loving, wonderful, open, spacious mind. This mind has the power to transform reality, so you use an enlightened being, an enlightened being knows exactly what you require, they know all the steps and all the things that need to happen in order for your wish to come true. So basically, this meditation we are going to do today is connecting with an enlightened being and asking this enlightened being to manifest one special gift.

Archangel Azreal - The Divine Connection

Spiritual Manifestation – The Meditation

Manifestation Meditation – Step 1: Relaxation

Ok so now we come to the actual meditation. You can do this once, you can do this 3 times, you can do this 70 times. Do this once, five, ten or fifty times and it will happen. Ok, so to begin, what I want you to do is relax your entire body, feel like your muscles are dissolving into jelly, imagine your muscles dissolve into jelly, you relax every single part of your body. You start with the head, then you go down through the torso, then you go through the legs and the arms and you relax every single part of your body and when you feel really relaxed go onto the next step.

Manifestation Mediation – Step 2: Protection

Ok so what we are going to do is this: First of all we establish a boundary of protection, we call upon our dearest Archangel Michael to come in and protect us with a shield of light. So ask Archangel Michael now, pray to Archangel Michael to put a shield of light around you and protect you for this meditation.

Manifestation Meditation – Step 3: Invoke Archangel Uriel

Ok now that you’re protected you can relax completely. So here’s what we do, we now begin by calling upon the Archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel is a perfectly enlightened being who can create anything at all. So what we do is we feel like he appears in front of us he’s like an epiphany or like a beautiful spontaneous vision, we just see Uriel in front of us. He is a beautiful figure he surrounded by light and he’s holding two objects. In the left hand he holds spade on the right hand a crystal sphere. He has a spade in a crystal sphere, the spade is to create something like tending to  a garden and the crystal sphere is for clarity and precision. So feel this vision of Uriel appearing infront of us and if you can see him clearly that’s good, but if you can’t see clearly just know he is present.

Ok so now we ask dear Archangel Uriel “I wish for this to happen,” “I wish for this outcome, please bless me with the outcome I wish for.” Say it deeply, say it from the heart and make your prayer now. Make your prayer to this beautiful, wonderful, divine person or angel who is completely, absolutely wonderful.


Genuine Spiritual Manifestation - The Divine Connection

Manifestation Meditation – Step 4: Receiving

Ok now what you need to do is imagine this: Imagine Archangel Uriel, he begins to radite light. This light is like a glowing star and it shines brighter and brighter and now I feel as this light begins to surround you. It’s around you completely. Just feel like Archangel Uriel is completely holding you with his light, relax like that for a few seconds and now I want you to imagine this: Imagine Uriel sends from his heart chakra, he sent you a sphere which is golden, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect. It’s a golden sphere and see as this sphere dissolves into you, it becomes part of you. You and the sphere are united. When you’ve felt that then say this “I love you” say it again and again and again because Archangel Uriel has just delivered you something I’ve always wanted.

So what this is, is basically a spiritual manifestation that is connected with your essence. You and the manifestation have become united, so this manifestation it becomes part of your energy body, it’s completely inseparable from you. What this means is through your energy body, reality will begin to reflect the manifestation. Now it may take about 8 weeks or it may take 20 weeks but basically it will happen.

That’s the process it’s a simple meditation, but it’s very powerful. So you can do this three or four times, once is fine but if you want to do it more you can.

Goodbye for now

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