Who is The Goddess Arya Tara?

This message on Arya Tara was channelled from Tara on 11/07/2022.

Hello everybody, this is the Goddess Arya Tara. Let me begin by saying this first of all – things aren’t what they seem, people aren’t just sentient beings, they are so much more than that. People are God. Now, I know that sounds very strange, but let me explain a little. My name is the Buddha Arya Tara and I’ve been here on your planet a number of times before. I will say this much: Being a person on planet Earth is no easy kind of job, it’s not an easy job, it’s a very, very hard job, very hard.

However, I would like to say this: On Earth there is something that happens, it doesn’t happen in other realms. Something happens to you that is incredibly wonderful and that is the learning of the consciousness can be accelerated to such a wonderful extent, that people can radically change the very nature of their being and do it very quickly.

What is A Buddha?

Now, let’s talk about me. Who am I? What am I doing? What is my mission? First of all I’ll say this: What it means to be enlightened is this – you don’t discriminate between yourself and other beings. You think of all of us as perfect and you wish your own happiness as much as you wish another’s happiness, in fact you wish others happiness with your whole fibre of your being. You wish it so deeply that you would do anything you could to help people, that’s a little glimpse of what the enlightened state is like.

However, I will say this much – being a Buddha doesn’t mean you don’t suffer, you do still suffer but suffering is not the same, it’s in fact a pleasure. So, is it really suffering? No it’s not suffering, it’s transformed, it’s not the same experience as what you have when you’re not enlightened.

Arya Tara The Divine Connection

How Does Tara Help Us?

Now who am I? My mission is this: I’m here to bless and help every single being who is suffering, that is my mission. Now that’s a very broad definition of what I do, but let me be a little bit more specific about what I do. I especially help those who need some kind of intervention, people who have some kind of pain or difficulty or something they can’t surmount by themselves. I especially help those people, I care deeply for those who are suffering, who are in a bad way, I care deeply.

But that is not the only thing I do, I also give powerful blessings to those who sincerely follow me. People who follow the Buddha Tara, they live lives that are blessed, absolutely blessed. So what does it mean to be a follower? You elevate me, you wish to follow everything I do and you listen to my words deeply and powerfully. But there’s one more thing you must realise – anyone who sincerely follows Arya Tara doesn’t suffer as much as normal people, in fact they suffer far, far, far less, because my blessings are tremendous, their absolutely massive.

Arya Tara’s History

Good. So now you have a little bit of understanding about me, I’ll explain a little bit more about my story. Once upon a time I was a princess, I was not enlightened but I was very very faithful and I turned my mind towards the Buddha’s. I knew of the Buddha’s, this was not on planet Earth, this was in another paradise, a paradise where people are not always pure, not everyone was pure, but I was a special kind of person who was so deeply, intensely, devoted to a special Buddha and I prayed every single day and every night. I followed the instructions of the masters who told me what the Buddhas want and what the Buddha’s are about and I practised the teachings of the Buddhas every single day for my entire life. That was me when I wasn’t completely enlightened, however, what happened was one day I surrendered completely, I surrendered without anything left. I just surrendered so deeply that I was no longer a normal person, I was no longer just a normal person, I was something so much more and that is how I became the Buddha Arya Tara. Now there are stories about my activities and stories about people who received miracles from praying to me, I will say this – miracles are not uncommon. Miracles are in fact quite often happening to people who pray to me.

How to Work With Arya Tara

So, if you’re someone who needs a miracle, if you really, genuinely need a miracle, my advice is this: If you feel drawn to me, then find a teacher, find a teacher who can teach you the Tara practice or the Tara puja. There are various different Tara practices, but the one I would recommend is called Red Tara. If you can find a teacher who teaches you Red Tara, there is nothing you cannot do. My dear, there is nothing you cannot do.

Thank you my dear, I love you and goodbye.

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